14 July 2015

I miss drawing and photographing. I no longer have the time to draw, do visual studies, or get involve in showcases because my work schedule is so suffocating, it's depressing.


17 February 2015

17 February 2015

[♫ Estrella - Stay]

With the moonlight dancing free,
And there's no one but you and me.

04 February 2015

29 August 2014

[♫ Those Dancing Days - Keep Me In Your Pocket]

Had my first ever little art flea that sells mainly my hand drawn paper goods and tote bags, at the Esplanade. I've always wanted to sell my art but at the same time it's always later.. not now.. one day.. soon.. But I am glad it did happen, and that all tote bags and sticker packs were sold within those two days is a major yay for me. Thank you all for being so encouraging and kind. Ros luvs yew xx

9 May 2014

[♫ Gold Panda - You]

In the land of neon signs dim sum milk tea
har kow snow ice cream puff and cute socks
aka Hong Kong.

19 September 2013

19 September 2013

And I am 18 - 10 + 16 - 2. *pops confetti*